Sweet & Savory Pie, Pastry, Quiche, Soup, Chili

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Find us at the following Farmers Markets & Local Businesses:

Catonsville Sunday Farmers Market - https://catonsville.org/
Cross Street Farmers Market - https://www.crossstmarket.com/
Cheverly Community Market - https://www.cheverlycommunitymarket.org/
Old Mill Cafe - www.oldmill-cafe.com
Rooster and Hen Store - www.roosterandhenstore.com
Dear Globe Coffee - www.dearglobecoffee.com
Agri Chicks - www.agrichicks.com


Table for Twelve is a family owned small food business inspired by home cooking and gathering around the dinner table with family and friends.  Growing up in a large family (yes, 12 of us) it was in our kitchen and around our dinner table where stories were told, secrets were shared, problems were solved, countless birthdays, holidays and special events were celebrated, and lots and lots of home cooked food was enjoyed.  

We aim to provide quality food for you to enjoy at your table.  

We purchase our food from local Maryland food suppliers and prepare our meals in a Catonsville Commercial Kitchen.  Everything is made on site.